Almakhfiat Alassyf (Almak)

Sorcerer Lvl 2


Average build, male with middle eastern ties. Sorcerer with military training and focus.
Sorcerer lvl 2, Soldier, Kameshi, Lawful Netural

Strength 13
Dex 12
Con 12
Int 12
Wis 13
Cha 19

Deck of Cards
Scarab with no sword
Officer’s uniform
Camel (Muhammed) (Padded Armor)
Military Saddle
Saddle Bags
Healer’s Kit
Explorers Pack

Spear with Crystal (Arcane Focus)
Daggers x2



Almakhfiat Alassyf (Hidden Sword), Almak for short, is a Low Ranking Infinites Officer Sorcerer. First enlisting in the Army and was trained to be a low level magic user in the war against the Occulites. Being promoted to corporal after impressing his superiors with his revolutionary filing system for reports has was quickly shifted to the front and took part in the battle to drive the Occulites from the deserts around Bazaar. Although victory was had for the Infinities, losses were still taken. One unit was all put wiped from the battle except for one corporal. With higher command unable to restand his battalion Almak was commissioned to 2nd Lieutenant and given a out of the way post as a information officer. He took all he could from what was left of his battalion. A scarab from his legendary commander, who was killed in battle, with the sword missing. The Regimental Camel, Muhammed. And a spear, infused with a crystal of unknown power that was taken from a dying comrade. Although regulated to paper duties and he doesn’t want to turn down a chance to maybe finding the sword to the scarab, although to be fair, doing paper work is a lot safer….

Almakhfiat Alassyf (Almak)

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