Ephemeral Feats

Ephemeral feats

The skitterax adapt quickly to their surroundings, in a literal sense: their physical forms change to meet whatever needs they have. This process isn’t instantaneous, but the skitterax can consciously control it. When the skitterax chooses a new feat due to its Ephemeral Feat ability, it can choose one of the following feats:


The skitterax sprouts delicate, fine-tuned sensory apparatus.

  • You can’t be surprised while you are conscious.
  • You are aware of the location of any hidden or invisible creatures within 10 feet of you.

Extra limbs

The skitterax sprouts a secondary set of limbs. These are smaller and weaker than its primary arms, but still useful.

  • You can use two-weapon fighting even when one of the one-handed melee weapons you are wielding aren’t light.
  • When dealing damage with a two-handed melee weapon, you deal an additional 1 damage per die.
  • You can perform two separate tasks that would require two hands each action, but any skill checks on those tasks has disadvantage.


The skitterax grows a set of gossamer wings that allow it to glide – and, in some cases, to fly.

  • If your total character level is 14 or less, you can glide at a speed of 60 feet. You lose elevation during a glide, and cannot gain it. You do not suffer falling damage. If you’re significantly jostled, you might suffer falling damage if you hit the ground before you can regain control, subject to DM’s discretion.
  • If your total character level is 15 or higher, you can fly at a speed of 60 feet.

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Ephemeral Feats

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