The gods of Creation are beings who have the inherent power to manipulate and shape The Mists. While they are immensely powerful – able to shape reality itself to their whims – they aren’t omnipotent or omniscient; they often contest with each other and sometimes miss or fail to counter mortal scheming.

It’s unclear where the gods originated. While several admit to being formerly mortals, imbued with divine power from a benefactor deity, many seem to predate Creation itself.

Mortal understanding

The gods of Creation are so varied that they defy easy categorization, but sages have settled on three main systems of classifications of powers: Essian, Dominionist and Patronage. (The gods themselves haven’t offered their opinions on how they ought to be ordered by mortals.)

Essians divide Creation’s powers into good gods and evil gods, with Adramalech as the chief god of evil. Depending on the cult, the leaders of good are either Kamesh or the Umberstronx triad. Essians worship only the powers of good, and oppose the powers of evil.

Dominionists order the gods by power and sphere of influence; they offer sacrifice and prayers to all gods, depending on their need – even to the hated Adramalech. Of course, offerings to evil gods are typically made in hopes of placating the power, rather than attracting its favor.

Patrons pledge themselves to a single god. Their religious rites, morality and philosophy stem from that patronage.

The gods

Adramalech or Erra
Erra or Adramalech
Fir Bolg
Kultainen Lisko
Oikeuden Käinti
Plorgulex the Umberstronx
Sechul Lath
Shair-yu-min Myow
The Nameless One
The Shrouded Servants
The Traveler
The Unveiled
Veiled Seeker

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