Kameshi Human

Rebels and Scholars

Humans tutored and protected by Kamesh, the Kameshi are a tight-knit society that believe that none should rule supreme – even if that means some must shed blood. As their patron is the god of magical might, they often practice magic themselves.

Kameshi gain:
+1 Int
+1 Wis
+1 Cha
proficiency: Arcana
Fantastic Destruction: Whenever a spell you cast causes damage, add 1 damage per die to the damage total.

Kameshi start the game knowing Sahar and 1 other language, usually trade cant.

Kameshi are proud and individualistic, but also pragmatic. They believe that each person should stand for themselves – and that, sometimes, it takes an army to stand up to a threat. This dichotomy is at the heart of their culture: They celebrate their merchants and eccentric magelords, even as they wince at the mention of The Infinites, the massive holy army of Kamesh that guarantees both their control of trade routes and the creeping hegemony of their language and customs.

Kameshi are slightly taller than their Southron ancestors; they’re also more slender. Typical Kameshi are shy of 6 feet tall and weigh 140-160 pounds, with men being slightly heavier than women. Kameshi run the gamut of typical human skin tones, but most are brown or bronze. Their hair is typically black, but many become white- or silver-haired in their early 30s – a sign of their deeply magical background.

The Kameshi are the descendants of Southrons who were taken under Kamesh‘s protection. Because of Kamesh’s protection of the shadow elves, the two races have a long history of cooperation; this goodwill extends to other elves. Similarly, the camaraderie between Kamesh and Klaeh’mak – though sometimes rocky – has caused a friendship between Kameshi and graxx to flourish. On the other hand, many Kameshi are wary of their Southron brethren, due to their long relationship with Adramalech; similarly, there’s no love lost between Kameshi and occulites, whose patron god Globuluś has long despised Kamesh.

Kameshi are found throughout Creation. The Infinites constantly patrol major highways and trade routes; they garrison throughout the inhabited world. Only the smallest villages don’t have daily contact with a Kameshi.

Kameshi make good adventurers because of their individualistic drive – some want to be wealthy, some want to be powerful and some just want to leave their mark on the world.

Example names

Women’s: Adelia, Jana, Joury, Lian, Malak, Mayar, Nour, Salma, Sara, Sophia

Men’s: Abdul, Adam, Ahmed, Ali, Hamza, Haziq, Omar, Rayyan, Youssef, Yasin

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Kameshi Human

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