Born of Iron

Nazon, a race of metal men, are the treasured creations of Nezderei. They toil in his name, seeking to exalt him through technological progress and innovation.

Nazon gain:
+2 Con
+1 Int
Darkvision 60’
advantage: against poison effects
resistance: poison
Gifted Artificer: When making any skill check related to crafting or repairing items, you can add double your proficiency bonus.

Nazon start the game knowing Styl and 1 other language, usually trade cant.

Nazon are focused technophiles whose obsession with progress sometimes borders on the amoral. They have sought to balance disparities and repair injustices across Creation, but they have also given away dangerous technology – including weapons technology – in the naive belief that any progress is good progress.

Nazon are stately, toned humanoids – but their similarities to other mortals end there. Rather than a face, they have a blank, black sheet of smoked glass; nothing can be seen behind the “mask,” and they insist that there’s nothing to see behind it. Their skin is smooth and softly metallic; they have no bodily hair and no visible orifices. If anything, they seem more like a mechanical being imitating humanity than an organic mortal race. They stand between 5 and 6 feet tall, typically, but they’re heavier than their height and build would suggest: they often weigh half-again as much as a human their size. Nazons come in two varities: silvered in blackened.

Nazon live in the far north, in The Iron Fields; their cities and settlements there mine out the ore they require to live. (Nazon eat small amounts of ore the same way other mortals eat grain or meat.) The fields aren’t natural; they were created specifically for the nazon by their patron god and creator, Nezderei.

Example names

Nazon don’t appear to have gender. They name themselves after rocks, elements and gems; these names don’t seem to be fixed, so might change over time; sometimes they’re linked with other names and with place-names to make longer, formal monikers.

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