The Eyes of the Seeker

The warriors and servants of Globuluś, occulites serve as the Watcher’s hands in Creation. Their strict caste system dictates what they can and can’t do, and they fanatically watch each other for transgressions.

Occulites gain:
+2 Str
+1 Con
+5’ speed
Darkvision 60’
One Eyed: You get a -1 penalty to attack rolls with ranged weapons.
Watchers in the Dark: You can make an Intelligence check to see if you know a secret about an NPC. The DC is typically 15. You can only do this once per NPC. (That’s once, ever, per NPC.)

Occulites start the game knowing Globyus and 1 other language, usually trade cant.

Occulites are the servants of Globuluś, acting as his hands in Creation (and sometimes as his eyes and ears). They’re natural-born schemers, but they’re not necessarily born to it – Globuluś created them to serve him, not to get lost in their own machinations.

Occulites are big, brutish humanoids. They have a single large eye fixed in their forehead; their heads are comically small for their 8-foot, 350-pound frames, and some have a single horn protruding from above their eye. Their skin tone comes in a variety of fantastic colors: Some are bright orange, others electric blue, some sea green. Their hair, which is styled depending on their caste, is either black or a color complementary to their skin tone. Their single eye can also be all manner of colors: Swirling gray, molten silver, flecked yellow in green; there doesn’t seem to be some dedicated hue or pattern.

While the occulites in the north are strictly divided into castes and closely watched by Globuluś, the ones in the south – the descendants of the shattered armies scattered during the War in Dark – are less devout. They still pay homage to Globuluś and Fir Bolg, but they follow the strictures as metaphors, rather than literal truth. For example, the commandment to wage eternal war on elves, graxx and myantari is taken to mean besting them in any conflict: More than a few occulite traders take great pleasure in wringing a few more talents out of a shadow elf in the Bazaar. (The northern occulites consider this blasphemy, but Globuluś hasn’t smitten them yet.)

Occulites make good adventurers because they’re strong and have access to strange secrets. Combined with their scheming nature, they can quickly become the brains – and the brawn! – behind an adventuring team.

Example names

Women’s: Fet’ssurk, Fil’furm, Kla’zess, Ki’vawn, Til’hoon

Men’s: Cha’dalur, Cho’bal, Da’gol, Da’jurgurr, Jol’yurt

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