Sechul Lath

The Coin’s Flip

(N. Essian: stormed, neutral; Dominionist: earthly, chance, mischance)

Creator of the Infinite Span. Cursed Kamesh‘s physical form to be the ultimate source of magic. Creator and patron of the jaghut giants and their ice magicks; settled them in the Blazefell after its fires were turned to ice. Claims to have tamed the Blazefell’s flames. Creator of the gromflomites, bureaucrats of the highest order. Sechul Lath’s roving priesthood, headquartered in a chaos-spawned tower in the west, roams the land, lending aid where they see fit. Creator of the base elemental planes. Controller of the chaos storms. Creator of Sechul’s Coin, which can change the course of its owner’s fate. Creator of the graceful city Quon Tali. Buried the city later when it was struck with a chaos storm. Created the Sword of Luck to aid Klaeh’mak’s Righteous Sword faction of Klameshi.

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Sechul Lath

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