Morphlings of the Mist

Discovered by a follower of The Nameless One during a journey into the Mists, Skitterax are insectoid creatures that physically change and adapt to their surroundings.

Skitterax gain:
+1 to two different abilities
1 bonus proficiency
Ephemeral Feat: At character creation, gain one bonus feat. A feat gained this way can’t be used as a prerequisite for another feat. Immediately after a long rest, you can exchange this feat for another.

Skitterax start the game knowing either Sahar or Rikkaus; as well as Skitterati and 1 other language, usually trade cant.

Skitterax are fundamentally alien to Creation. Discovered in the mists by a worshiper of The Nameless One on a pilgrimage, they are strangely mutable – they change physically, sometimes at will, and their personalities and outlooks rapidly adapt to situations. They’re industrious and fascinated with Creation, often cataloging its ins and outs with exacting detail.

There are no set skitterax forms, but they do fall into broad castes. These aren’t social classes; rather, they’re core forms that can fill different roles in whatever society a skitterax finds itself. Player skitterax will always be scribes.

Scribes are insectoid-humanoid hybrids. They all have chitinous skin and thumbed hands, but the similarities end there. Some have faceted eyes, others have pupils; some have wings, others have jumping legs; some are bipedal, others scurry on the ground. Scribes are rarely taller than 7 feet, rarely shorter than 3 feet, and typically weigh between 60 and 300 pounds.

Skitterax live throughout the world. They blend in most easily with followers of The Nameless One and Sechul Lath, and can often be found with their cults.

Example names

Skitterax scribes adopt names they like – and are likely to abandon them and take another. It’s not uncommon to meet a skitterax named for its favorite flower, and another named for a good elf friend.

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