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Put an Optional, Short Headline in H3 Here

Put an optional descriptor in italics here. Make sure you put line breaks between each section.

Then put any in-game statistics here, in an easy-to-read stat block. Put stats on their own line whenever possible!

Then add the meat of the article here. Remember to add wiki links to whatever articles you mention. I’ve been doing this every time a linkable term shows up; that might be overkill, but it’s consistent. At the very least, make sure you add links to the first instance of a linkable term in a section.

Break up paragraphs with line breaks, the way this one is. If you have another section, set it off with another h3 tag, like this:

Some notes on terms (note this hed doesn’t capitalize each word)

Only capitalize words when they’re proper nouns, or derived from proper nouns. One of the tricky ones is Southron, which I began capitalizing due to English conventions of capitalizing regional names (in this case, the South). Most race-names don’t have an established etymology; until we give them one that links them to a proper noun, words like skitterax and myantari don’t get capitalized.

Confusingly – and I’m sorry for this, but I’ve already established the rule and it’d be a pain to reverse it – page names should feature capitalized words. If you make a new page, keep that in mind. For example, if you make a page named “Kameshi priestly castes,” it should be written as “Kameshi Priestly Castes” instead. Fix the links so they use proper capitalization. (When you drop in a wiki link, look at the coding: whatever comes after the | and a space will be what the reader sees on the page.)

I know, that’s all terrible and obtuse. I’m sorry.

Finally, at the bottom of the page, put links to higher menus. The top one should be to the Main Page, labeled “home”; then to any higher-level menus. For example, any race should have a link to the “Races” page; if you create a sub-page inside, say, the skitterax page, it should have a link back to the main skitterax page.

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Style guide

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