Hey everyone.

Skitterax ephemeral feats are now up. They’re pretty good, imo, and give the not-stealers some neat options. In other words, it’s entirely possible that the feats are busted. Weigh in and lemme know what you think.

Bazaar will go up tonight, at least its broad sketches. I’d encourage everyone to glance at it; it’s going to detail a handful of NPCs that are famous. (Don’t feel compelled to read anything you find boring, though. I’m serious – our canon is loose enough that details aren’t super-important, and I don’t want this to become homework for anyone.)

As always, fill out a stub page if you have the chance and it catches your eye.

NOTE: When adding to the wiki, don’t state something as fact if we decided the opposite during Creation. However, the mortals of Creation might not have an accurate understanding of the world. Example: Don’t put something like, " The Nameless One is an evil god." It’s not, it’s true neutral. However, it actively battled on the side of Adramalech in the War in Dark; many mortals are going to view it as an evil god. That’s an important note; keep such nuance in mind while writing and editing.

PS: Pls pls pls upload your characters, plox!

(The distant?) Future:
A geography page; a timeline; a compendium of legends.

Immediate other projects:
Developing Bazaar.

Divinities in Twilight

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