Divinities in Twilight

Adventure 1, part 5: Into the Maw

After a rest, the party takes the three men the Infinites saw fit to spare and head to Unquestionable Goods & Co.’s headquarters in Temple Quarter.

The address leads them to a nondescript one-story building in the oldest part of the quarter; it doesn’t have any signage or other identifying marks. As the party approaches, they begin discussing a plan.

Krrk’thir, Olli and Malek decide to try to infiltrate, rather than bash, their way into the building. Sargok is clearly annoyed, but decides to stand down and give them a chance; Almak seems amused by the whole process and stands aside.

The trio decide to disguise themselves for varying reasons; Olli changes out his mask, Malek is able to pass as a Southron and Krrk’thir makes an excellent set of props that do little to hide his Skitterax nature. The group, with Olli in the lead, knock on the door.

With a little fast talk and the information gleaned from ledgers stolen in the last part, Olli is able to convince the burly Southron who answers the door to let the party in. The group loiters in a sparsely appointed room with a pair of Southrons, one of whom is dispatched to pay an outstanding debt – to a different trading company, not the party, natch – while a group of elves sits at a table drinking some kind of cloudy liquid. (They show the same signs of mind control that others have shown to this point.)

As one of the Southrons fetches the cash, Krrk’thir – convinced he’s passing as Southron, and not as some exceedingly eccentric Skitterax – tries to pal it up with the elves. They give him the thousand-yard stare as Olli desperately tries to keep the other Southron’s attention on himself.

When the party is paid – with blood money they’re not actually owed, natch – the Southrons begin trying to usher the group out. Seizing the initiative, Olli uses Thunder Wave to initiate combat, and raises the alarm for the rest of the party to join.

Almak tells the young Infinites to stay outside and guard the door. In the ensuing melee, the party kills most of the attackers, including the two Southrons, but knock out two of the elves.


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