Divinities in Twilight

Let's get this party started

Tonight’s our first night adventurin’!

We’re going to take about 30 minutes to introduce our characters and another 15 or so to get everyone up to speed on where we are and why we’re together.

Then it’s a short, introductory adventure.

I’m planning on recapping adventures here every Saturday; I’m gonna be doing highlights, rather than blow-by-blows. If there’s any discussion to be had, we can use these pages or hangouts.

Speaking of discussion: One player wants a half-elf. We didn’t really address this; do we want half-things running around? If so, which races are compatible? (That’s a lot of halfs to consider, mang.)

In the future, I’ll also be posting updates here (as well as on our front page), but this place is where i’ll be keeping more detailed, informal updates – things like, “I finished god so-and-so’s page, go check it out and tell me how I flerbed it up, yo.”


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