Divinities in Twilight

Adventure 1, part 4: The Wages of Sin

After dispatching the guards at the Unquestionable Goods & Co. caravan, the players barge into the lone wagon – only to find an impossibly large space on the inside. Sigmund, a worshiper of The Nameless One, realizes that the only way to create such a space is to tap into the waygates – something The Nameless One would not take lightly.

The hallway the characters are staring into is decked in several version of the holy symbol of Adramalech, broken swords – a direct insult to Klaeh’mak – and a strange symbol featuring a scarab in front of a solar disk.

The party begins investigating the hall and opening doors; Sigmund picks the lock on the first door, which opens with a resounding “thunk.” The first is a storeroom, filled with linens, oils, resins, spices, salts and bales of stracotum, the herb that led the party here.

When Sigmund picks the lock on the second, it also opens with a heavy sound – and a dazed elven warrior slams the door open in his face. A half-dozen fighters – Southrons and elves – swarm into the hallway from the remaining rooms. In the pitched battle, Olli charges into the fray, using the Thunder Wave that was so detrimental just the day before, incapacitating some of the attackers. While no one is killed, both Sargok and Olli are seriously injured in the fray.

After the fight, the party explores the rest of the caravan, finding some makeshift living quarters, an infirmary (complete with some healing potions they take), a leader’s quarters of some kind, and a worship room dedicated to Adramalech and festooned with the scarab symbol. In this room, on the altar – stained rust-brown with what appears to be blood – Sargok finds a pile of strange, mostly worthless offerings. A glint catches his eye, and he finds a small gold ring set with a sapphire, which he pockets.

The party then decides to torch the caravan. Olli grabs whatever records he can find from the storeroom, but Sargok won’t allow anyone the time to properly loot the wagon – he prays as it’s burned to the ground. Almak helps ensure that the Infinites don’t call in brigades and fire teams.

Examining the records, Sigmund and Olli realize that Unquestionable Goods & Co. have a physical headquarters in the Temple Quarter of Bazaar; they return to the Sandcastle, and convince the Infinites to give them some men to help raid it.

Sargok returns to Klaeh’mak’s temple, where he discovers that the scarab-on-solar-disk symbol is the holy symbol of Erra, the name Adramalech has used since adopting his mantle as the god of plague.

Note: This session marks the first time anyone gained a level!


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