Magic given voice

Sahar is the very language of magic – its words resonate with power, and they can sometimes snap and writhe with a life of their own, imbuing inherent meaning where its speaker didn’t intend.

Created by Kamesh, Sahar is spoken by his chosen people, the Kameshi, and also by nearly anyone seriously studying magic. Many elves, especially shadow elves, speak it as a native tongue. It’s also spoken by many Southrons who have forsaken their mother tongues, Adramala and Arad.

Sahar is an evocative and nuanced language, and many poets and singers learn it or borrow phrases from it. While all divinely inspired languages resist change, Sahar is exceedingly stubborn. Its speakers and adherents are fond of saying that it is the most accurate representation of reality; it might not be as concise or precise as, say, Rikkaus, but its words literally evoke their meanings. Metaphors can be difficult to express in Sahar, as its words magically resist double-meanings.

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