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Hello there.

If you’re a visitor, you’ve probably already noticed that this campaign world’s got some strange ingredients. Some parts are lifted wholesale from other sources, wedged next to real-world references and fever-dream mythologies.

Yeah, it’s a weird mix, but there’s a good reason.

Rather than having a world crafted by a GM and offered to the players, our group decided to work collaboratively to make a fantasy world. We worked from two main principles: Players could tweak each other’s ideas, and no idea was too stupid, strange or silly to be totally barred. (Many of my favorite parts of this world started out as a joke.)

The end result? The melange you have here. If you look at the tags in the gods, you’ll see the tag “player god.” Players took the role of these gods during the creation of Creation, and their actions were the driving force in the world. (It’s also why their articles are generally longer: They did a lot more than even important minor gods like Plorgulex the Umberstronx.)

Everything here – the lands, the races, the people, the events – happened organically as players introduced ideas, characters and concepts that they wanted to see.

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What's up with this campaign

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