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Created by Adramalech as servants for Southrons, the long-lived and graceful elves have since paved their own destiny.

Elves gain:
+2 Dex
+1 Wis
+5’ speed
Darkvision 60’
proficiency: Perception
proficiency: Acrobatics
advantage: against charm effects
immunity: magical sleep

Elves start the game knowing Sahar and 1 other language, usually trade cant. (While the elves’ native language is Arad, very few of them speak it.)

Elves are swift, careful and wise. They are valued as craftsmen, counselors and, in darker corners, as careful thieves. Their long lives and a history of servitude have given them a measured and moderate viewpoint; they can carefully review problems from multiple angles and are slow to anger.

Elves are slender, graceful and tall for mortals. Their men and women are more alike than other mortals’; both have sharp features and tend toward thinness. Typical elves stand just above 6 feet tall, and weigh around 140 pounds. Their skin tone ranges from deep brown to light cream, with hair color typically being black or brown (although white and blonde hair isn’t unheard of). They usually have brown, hazel or green eyes.

Elves were created by Adramalech to be servants for his chosen race, the Southrons – slaves, in practice. They bear a deep grudge against Erra that can color their perception of Southrons. They honor Kamesh for sheltering the shadow elves, and many embrace the Kameshi as allies.

Unlike in other settings, elves in Creation are comfortable in urban environments, and are no more likely to have a connection to nature than any human. They primarily live in the south, and many have taken up life in Bazaar.

Elves make good adventurers because they’re confident and curious. Without a clear divine patron or a homeland to anchor them, many elves become drifters. Still others seek to clarify their people’s past by exploring those fell places that still bear Adramalech’s fingerprints.

Example names

See examples on pages 22 and 23.

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