Enforcers of Order

The patron race of Klaeh’mak, the graxx are severe, disciplined and focused on their goals.

Graxx gain:
+2 Con
Either +1 Str OR +1 Wis
Darkvision 60’
Precise strike: When dealing damage with a melee weapon, you deal an additional 1 damage per die.
proficiency: light armor
proficiency: all simple weapons

Graxx start the game knowing Jat and 1 other language, usually trade cant.

Graxx are blunt and speak their minds. They have little use for niceties or softness – instead, they respect action, loyalty and stoic virtue. While it can be hard for outsiders to gain a graxx’s trust, they make stalwart allies and powerful friends.

Graxx are hefty, filling out their 5-to-6-foot frames at 160 to 220 pounds. Their men are notably heavier and taller than their women. They have small fangs; a heavy ridge spanning their eyebrows; and long, heavy arms. Their dark skin is often further tanned and worn from many hours spent outside; some have nearly black skin, while others have walnut or bronze tones. Their eyes can be of almost any imaginable color, and some of them – especially those who know magic – have glowing pupils.

Graxx have a history of warfare; their patron and creator, Klaeh’mak, initially led them in repeated clashes with Adramalech / Erra. This martial prowess, instilled through daily drills, is still a cornerstone of graxxian life. All graxx are taught how to use basic weapons, how to follow commands and how to implement basic battlefield tactics. Those who show even a little promise are taught logistics and the philosophy of battle – that is, how to apply their fighting instincts to other aspects of life. (Graxxian traders have a reputation for trickiness.)

Graxx are one of the most common and widespread people of Creation. They can be found anywhere even remotely hospitable; only the Blazefells and the Highlands lack graxxian settlements.

Graxx make good adventurers because they’re strong, brave and driven. As followers of Klaeh’mak, they often seek to right wrongs in the world – justice being one of Klaeh’mak‘s later portfolio acquisitions. Finally, they’re used to rough-and-tumble lives, so the discomforts of the wilderness and dungeons.

Example names

Graxxian names are gender-neutral: Duras, Kahless, Klag, Kodol, Koth, Kelrok, Korok, Krell, Kur, Larg, Toq, Toral, Torg, Worf*

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*Stolen shamelessly from the Star Trek wiki Memory Beta


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