The Heavenly Blade

(LN. Essian: misted, good; Dominionist: heavenly, battle, honor, martial prowess, warfare)

Slashed the fabric of the heavens, ushering the stars into the night sky. His sword is set into the sky, dimmed only against the sun. Creator of the realm of eternal battle. Creator and patron of the graxx; worthies can join him in the realm of eternal battle. Klaeh’mak trains the graxx and spreads them across the south; they clash repeatedly with the humans of Adramalech, often besting them. Claims he darkened the sun (an act he did, in fact, assist). Gave the graxx the golden tablet emblazoned with his laws. Founded the Bazaar, where his martial teachings are applied to tradecraft. Founder of the great fortress Hegh’mat, which oversees and watches Adramalech ’s realm. Granted divine power to a Kameshi in bazaar, creating a powerful Kameshi splinter cult – the Righteous Sword – that wages eternal war on Adramalech. Accidentally apotheosized Tradukka when empowering a graxx.

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