Shadow Elf

Soldiers in the Shadows

The descendants of elves who fled into the shadows when night was created, these warriors learned to hide from their enemies, striking when most profitable.

Shadow elves gain:
+2 Dex
+1 Int
Darkvision 120’
proficiency: Perception
proficiency: Stealth
advantage: against charm effects
immunity: magical sleep
Steep in Shadow: Cast Darkness once per day, with the following changes: the spell has a radius of 10’, a duration of 3 rounds, and the caster can see through it with Darkvision.

Shadow elves start the game knowing Sahar and 1 other language, usually trade cant.

Shadow elves swear by silence, caution and decisive action. They have operated at night for so long that it’s become part of their nature; an untutored shadow elf child can out-stalk trained human hunters. They’ve learned to patiently evaluate situations, formulate sound plans, and seize opportunity when it’s offered to them.

Shadow elves are slender, graceful and tall for mortals. Their men and women are more alike than other mortals’; both have sharp features and tend toward thinness. Typical shadow elves stand just above 6 feet tall, and weigh around 140 pounds. Their skin tone tends toward deep browns; with hair color typically being black. They usually have black or gray eyes.

The ancestors of the shadow elves were hunted, almost until extinction, for turning their backs on Adramalech and his Southron worshipers. Their enslaved cousins learned to live under tyranny; the shadow elves learned to live in hiding. To this day, they hate Adramalech / Erra, and many can’t help but look down on Southrons. Kamesh gave them safe harbor in his realm; today, most shadow elves count themselves as his followers. Their ties to the Kameshi are similarly tight.

Shadow elves can be found wherever Kamesh has sway, and many live in Bazaar.

Shadow elves make good adventurers because they’re restless – they don’t like to stay in one place for too long, an ingrained trait from centuries of moving around. Many look to bring the fire of justice to the minions of Adramalech / Erra – and still others realize that they have a unique set of abilities that make them desirable as troubleshooters in the field.

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See examples on pages 22 and 23.

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Shadow Elf

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