Southron Human

The Conflicted Race

Created by Adramalech, Southrons often find themselves under suspicion; some embrace their dark heritage, while others seek to prove their worth.

Southrons gain:
+1 to all ability scores

Southrons start the game knowing either Sahar or Adramala and 1 other language, usually trade cant.

Southrons, similar to their Kameshi cousins, embody a strange dualism: One one hand, they’re the oldest mortal race, and have the wisdom of an ancient people; on the other, they clung to their patron god even as he slide into madness and frenzy. Their pride and their shame is intermingled and inseparable.

Southron are barrel-chested and well-built; while they’re shorter than many other mortals, usually standing around 5 and a half feet tall, they’re still typically stouter than the other races. Women usually weigh 140 to 160 pounds, while men are typically about 20 pounds heavier. Southrons are dark-skinned from millennia spent under Andramalech’s blazing sun, typically ranging from black to bronze. Their hair is usually light brown to blonde, but only rarely white – white hair is considered a sign of some Kameshi heritage.

Southrons are most common in the south – which is also where the ingrained prejudices against them are strongest. Adramalech’s predations were worst there, and his staunchest foes live in the region – Kamesh’s holy army, The Infinites; the shadow elves; and the graxx.

Some Southrons reject the idea that Adramalech was ever in the wrong to begin with. These deranged cultists often pass themselves off as normal people until they can strike, inflicting as much pain as they can on their foes. These vicious attacks have only made it harder for Southrons in general – they plays right into the stereotype that Southrons are vicious, untrustworthy and unhinged.

Southrons make good adventurers because they have so much to prove to the world. Their obstacles – others’ prejudices and their ancestors’ sins – can only be overcome by great actions. And with few opportunities at home, there’s often little keeping them from striking out.

Example names

Women’s: Apama, Artakama, Barsine, Hutosa, Irtasduna, Phadiya, Sitareh, Tomyris, Uparmiya, Yutab

Men’s: Armand, Datafarnah, Farbod, Farnaka, Hormazd, Katana, Naudar, Piruz, Tridata, Vishtapsa

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Southron Human

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